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Birthing As Nature Intended


Nature provides us with pain to tell us when something is wrong. But there is nothing wrong with having a baby. It does not make sense that nature can create such a perfect little human being but would then create intense pain to bring the child into the world. No other creature experiences suffering with childbirth when there is nothing wrong.

The uterus, which houses the baby, is also perfectly designed with two sets of muscles that work in perfect harmony. The inner, circular, horizontal muscles which stay closed during pregnancy to allow the baby to be nourished and safe, and the second outer set of long verticle muscles that during labor, will pull up to allow the horizontal muscles to relax open, allowing passage for the baby.



A guide to achieving the birth you envision

Having a baby is the most normal, natural beginning of life and nature never intended for it to be painful. The female body is perfectly designed to nourish, grow, and protect the unborn child and then just as perfectly to birth that child naturally.